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syllabus-05Landscape short Course in Freiburg Germany

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syllabus-03Landscape Ecology: Workshop in Lisbon Portugal   The Students


Hillary White, M.S. Developing Riparian Bird Habitat Association Models and Management Guidelines.
Randy Larson, Ph.D. A framework for understanding the benefits of water developments: Chukar Partridges
Justin Bingham M.S. Causes and consequences of lead pellet ingestion by chukar partridges.
Carrie O'Brien, M.S. Small mammals in Gabon
Andy Leidolf, Ph.D. The effects of fire on avian communities Dissertation Prospectus Dissertation Poster
Dan Olson Ph.D. Modelling the population effects of Deer Vehicle Collisions







Teresa Sales Luís


Niche breadth and patterns of distribution and abundance of Eurasian otters in Southern Portugal : conservation implications (with Dr. Margarida Santos Reis , University of Lisbon ) Proposal   2003 2nd year Report
Filipa Loureiro Resource ecology of Eurasian badgers.

Clara Bentes Grilo


 Modelling Habitat Connectivity for Carnivores: implications for conservation

(with Dr. Margarida Santos Reis , University of Lisbon )   Proposal    May 2004  Progress Report Dissertation

Miguel Rosalino

Ph.D Post-Doc

The role of mammals in the structure, function, and sustainability of ‘Montado” woodlands, a Mediterranean habitat.(with Dr. Margarida Santos Reis , University of Lisbon ) Post-Doctoral  Work Plan



Rick Leppla

M.S. 1980 (co)

An assessment of damage to pecans by wildlife in central Oklahoma
Rick Ockenfels

M.S. 1980

Habitat requirements of white-tailed deer in the post oak-blackjack oak habitat type
Gordon Batcheller

M.S. 1980

The ecology and behavior of blue jays in Oklahoma pecan orchards
Craig Patterson

M.S. 1982

Foods of migrating coots (Fulica americana) and sympatric ducks during fall and spring in northeastern Oklahoma
Paul Strong

M.S. 1982

Beaver-cottonwood interactions and beaver ecology in Big Bend National Park
John Ault III

M.S. 1982

A quantitative assessment of barn owl nesting habitat quality

Margy Halpin

M.S. 1984

Winter habitat use and ecology of red fox in eastern Maine and the history of red fox in Maine

Paul Rego

M.S. 1984

Factors influencing harvest levels of fisher in southcentral and southeastern Maine

John Litvaitis

Ph.D. 1984 (co)

Bobcat movements in relation to prey density

Joyce Snyder

M.S. 1984

Marten use of clearcuts and residual forest in western Newfoundland

Paul Strong

Ph.D. 1985

Habitat selection by common loons

Don Engelhardt

M.S. 1986

Fox-coyote interactions in western Maine

Dan Harrison

Ph.D. 1986

Coyote dispersal, mortality, and spatial interactions with red foxes in Maine
Brian Tucker
M.S. 1988
The effects of forest harvesting on small mammals in western Newfoundland and its significance to marten
Joel Bish
M.S. 1988
The feasibility of river otter reintroduction in northern Utah
Richard Fredrickson
M.S. 1990
The effects of disease, prey fluctuation, and clearcutting on American marten in Newfoundland, Canada
Melanie Steinkamp
M.S. 1990
The effect of seasonal cattle grazing on California bighorn sheep habitat use
Stu Sherburne
M.S. 1992
Marten use of subnivean access points in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Laura Romin
M.S. 1994
Factors associated with the highway mortality of mule deer at Jordanelle Reservoir
Bill Ostrand
M.S. 1994
Disease and habitat change as factors associated with mourning dove population decline
Paul Meyers
M.S. 1994
Assessing mourning dove population declines: Changes in nesting dynamics and the role of perch sites (co-advisor)

Gary Drew

Ph.D. 1995

Winter habitat selection by American marten Martes americana in Newfoundland: Why old growth?
Brian Sturtevant
M.S. 1996
Second growth forest as potential marten habitat in western Newfoundland: An examination of forest habitat structure and microtine abundance
Christina Hargis
Ph.D. 1996

The influence of forest fragmentation and landscape pattern on American martens and their prey

(Influence of forest fragmentation and landscape pattern on American Martens)

Mark Lehnert
M.S. 1996

Mule deer highway mortality in northeastern Utah: an analysis of population-level impacts and a new mitigative system.

(Deer (Cervidae) highway mortality: using models to tailor mitigative efforts)

Dorie Stolley
M.S. 1998
Limitations on Canada goose production at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, Utah.

Catherine Schloeder

Ph.D. 1999

Investigation of the determinants of African Savanna vegetation distribution: A case study from the lower Omo Basin, Ethiopia

Mark. F. McClure

Ph.D. 2001

Energy, fractal movement patterns, and scale-dependent habitat relationshjips of urban and rural mule deer

Curtis Bjurlin

M.S. 2001

The impact of predator communities on early life history stage survival of the desert tortoise at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms,  California (pre-project seminar) (J.Herpetology ms in Press)

Edward Zakrajsek

M.S. 2001

Development of a bird-avoidance model for the Naval Air Facility El Centro, California

Final Report

Mary Hammer

M.S. 2001

Effectiveness of earthen ramps in reducing big game mortality in Utah

(Final Report) (J. Herpetology 2004)

Adam Switalski

M.S. 2002

Coyote foraging ecology, vigilance, and behavioral cascades in response to gray wolf reintroduction in Yelowstone National Park

(Post project seminar)

William Adair

Ph.D. 2003

Modeling habitat quality for American martens in western Newfoundland, Canada

James Johnson

M.S. 2003

Breeding bird use of deciduous habitats in trans-mountain river systems of southeastern Alaska

Pre-project seminar

Beth Johnson

M.S. 2005

Bird and small mammal communities of sagebrush-dominated mountain meadows: An examination of meadow characteristics

Proposal Thesis Poster Pre-Project Seminar

Chris Kassar

M.S. 2005

Wildlife vehicle collisions in Utah: An analysis of wildlife road mortality hotspots, economic impacts, and implications for mitigation and management. Proposal Pre-Project Seminar Thesis Poster

Tammy Wilson

M.S. 2005

Contributions of high elevation sagebrush-steppe habitats to bird and mammal biodiversity across the intermountain west

Proposal  Pre-Project Seminar Thesis Poster

Lisa A. Nordstrom
The effects of zoological enclosures on tapirs and rhinos

Proposal Thesis Poster

Silvia Rosa 1 2



Evaluation of underpass effectiveness on the  Wildcat Highway Improvement Project

Proposal Thesis Poster

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