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Structure Listings (1)

State Project Name Year Completed Crossing Type Target Species
AB G8 Legacy Project - Deadman's Flats underpass 2004 UP elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, black bears, coyotes, wolves, moose, grizzly bears

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Trans Canada Highway Twinning Project Phase IIIB Scientific Articles
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Image Listings (1)

Wolverine Overpass in Banff National Park, Trans Canada Highway, Alberta
Wolverine Overpass in Banff National Park, Trans Canada Highway, Alberta

Crossings Listings (5)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Avre Valley Abandoned Rail Line   Rte 10 North of Tucson - AZ   Culvert   2006
Highway 84 message boards   I-84 Sublett to Utah border - ID   Signage   ?
Hwy 75 & Rte 20 Ketchum   Hwy 75 Wood River valley near Sun Valley - ID   Signage   ?
Mud Creek #1-2 Wildlife Crossing   Hwy 93 North Pablo 809+50 - MT   Culvert   2006
Motorist warning signs-Pelicans   Queen Isabella Causway - TX   Signage   1996