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Literature Listings (6)

Author, Year   Full Reference
MacPhee, C, 1976   MacPhee, C. 1976. Swimming performance of Artic grayling in highway culverts: final report to U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska. Wildlife and Range Experiment Station,University of Idaho, Moscow.
McDonald, Michael G., 1991   McDonald, M. G. 1991. Glenn Highway Moose Monitoring Study: Final Report. Alaska Department of Fish and Game report submitted to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.
DiBair, John, Jason Geck, Cheryl Van Dyke, Bill Ballard, 2004   DiBlair, J., J. Geck, C. Van Dyke, W. Ballard. 2004. Final Report: A scoping analysis to assess the effects of roads in Alaska on habitat quality and connectivity. A report to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, by the Environment and Natural Resources Institute, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.
Graves, T.A., S. Farley, and C. Servheen, 2006   Graves, T.A., S. Farley, and C. Servheen. 2006. Frequency and distribution of highway crossings by Kenai Peninsula brown bears. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34: 800-808
Forbes, B. C., 1992.   Forbes, B. C. 1992. Tundra disturbance studies: 1: long-term effects of vehicles on species richness and biomass. Environmental Conservation, 19:48-58.
Johnson, N. P. , 1990   Johnson, N. P. 1990. Nesting Bald Eagles (Haliatus leucocephalus) in urban areas of southeast Alaska: Assessing highway construction and disturbance impacts. Transportation Research Record, 1279:60-68.

Website Listings (6)

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Interagency Effort to minimize animal-vehicle collisions in Kenai
Alaska DNR Salmon Streams & Fish Passage
Alaska Dpt. Of Fish & Game Forest Ecology Study Team Bears & Roads
Kenai Study of Moose Movement Across Roads
Alaska Road kill numbers
Alaska's Kenai Penninsula Moose & Roads Study

Crossings Listings (16)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Tohono O'Odham Tortoise Fencing   Rte 86 Kit Peak to Sells - AZ   Fencing   2000
Lake Havasu City Fencing   SR 95 Lake Havasu City - AZ   Fencing   2004
US 395 Mono Lake underpass   US-395 Mono Lake - CA   Underpass   199?
Orange County 241 Oak Canyon   Orange County 241 - CA   Underpass   1997
US 395 Mammoth Lakes Deer Bench   US-395 Mammoth Lakes - CA   Bench   ?
US 285 Lakewood Crossings B   US 285 Bailey/Lakewood - CO   Culvert   2006
US 285 Lakewood Crossings A   US 285 Bailey/Lakewood - CO   Culvert   2006
Stony Creek TH 1 crossing   TH 1- Lake County - MN   Bridge   2000
Trunk Highway 1 extended bridge   Trunk Highway 1 Lake County - MN   Bridge   2004
US 281 Ocelot Crossings   US 281 Live Oak Co. - TX   Culvert   1996
Jordanelle Deer Crosswalks   SR 248 & SR 40 SE Salt Lake City - UT   Crosswalk   1994
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR Rte 168 bridge   Rte 168 Chesapeake - VA   Bridge   2000
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR bridge   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Extended Bridge   2004
Bottom Nature Park Snake culvert   VA DOT wetland mitigation site Newport News - VA   Culvert   2002
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR culvert   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Culvert   2004
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR benches   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Bench   2004