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Literature Listings (4)

Author, Year   Full Reference
Hubbard, M.W., B.J. Danielson, and R.A. Schmitz, 2000   Hubbard, M.W., B.J. Danielson, and R.A. Schmitz. 2000.Factors influencing the location of deer-vehicle accidents in Iowa. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:707-712.
Leslie Ries, Diane M. Debinski, and Michelle L. Wieland, 2001   Ries, L., D. M. Debinski, and M.L. Wieland. 2001. Conservation values of roadside prairie restoration to butterfly communities. Conservation Biology 15:401-411.
Fletcher, R.J. and R.R. Koford, 2003   Fletcher, R.J. and R.R. Koford. 2003. Spatial responses of bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) near different types of edges in northern Iowa. The Auk 120(3): 799-810.
Litvan, M.E., C.L. Pierce, and T.W. Stewart, 2005   Litvan, M.E., C.L. Pierce, and T.W. Stewart. 2005. An evaluation of effects of grade control structures on fish movement and fish communities in Turkey Creek, Cass County, IA and macroinvertebrate communities in Walnut Creek, Montgomery County, IA. Annual Progress Report, Submitted to Iowa Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Bureau.

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Iowa Artile on Bow Hunting City Deer to Prevent W-V-C

Crossings Listings (27)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Pima Co. Pygmy Owl Crossing   Pima Co. Road - AZ   Bird Crossing   2003
Median barrier scuppers   Hwy 1 SLO - CA   Median Barrier Scupper   2005
Median barrier gaps   Hwy 1 SLO - CA   Median Barrier Gap   2005
Sierra County 395 Bridge #18   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
Lassen 395 Bridge #72   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
Lassen 395 Bridge #75   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
SR 52 Merrimar Marine Corps Bridge   SR 52 Del Mar - CA   Bridge   199?
Median barrier scuppers   I-101 Gilroy - CA   Median Barrier Scupper   2000
Weed Gap Median Barrier Project   I-5 MP 20-22 - CA   Fencing   2002
Median gap installation   Rte 101 milepost 70.1 - CA   Median Barrier Gap   2003
Shasta County Median barrier gaps   I-5 Shasta Co., Siskiyou Co. - CA   Median Barrier Gap   2004
Redwood National Park Bypass   Rte 101 Humboldt/ Del Norte Co. - CA   Median Barrier Gap   198?
Hwy 85 Sedalia Small mammal crossing   Hwy 85 Sedalia - CO   Culvert   2004
Hwy 85 Elk underpass   Hwy 85 Sedalia - CO   Underpass   2004
SR 52, East of Hayes Road   SR 52 Pasco County - FL   Culvert   2005
Alligator Alley bridges   I-75 Everglades - FL   Bridge   1992
Alligator Alley signs   I-75 Naples to Miami - FL   Signage   2000
Amphibian wall   Tallahassee - FL   Wall   2005
Highway 84 message boards   I-84 Sublett to Utah border - ID   Signage   ?
Hwy 75 & Rte 20 Ketchum   Hwy 75 Wood River valley near Sun Valley - ID   Signage   ?
US 69 Marias de Cygnes bridge   US 69 Kansas City/Fort Scott - KS   Bridge   20??
Trunk Highway 53 Johnson Crk passage   TH 53 St. Louis Johnson Creek South - MN   Bridge   2006
I-60 Median Widening   I-60 Poplar Bluff - MO   Median   2006
Jersey barrier median gaps   Hwy 97 Bend - OR   Median Barrier Gap   20??
Camino-Columbia Toll Road Ocelot Crossing   Camino-Columbia Toll Road Laredo - TX   Culvert   2000
Fairfax Co. Parkway culvert   Fairfax Co. Parkway Springfield - VA   Culvert   1996
Highway 53 Median balloon for wolves   Highway 53 Superior-Douglas Co. - WI   Median   1990