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Literature Listings (1)

Author, Year   Full Reference
Meyer, E. and I. Ahmed., 2004   Meyer, E. and I. Ahmed. 2004. Modeling of Deer-Vehicle Crash Likelihood Using Roadway and Roadside Characteristics. In the Proceeding of the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C.

Structure Listings (4)

State Project Name Year Completed Crossing Type Target Species
KS Marias de Cygnes River Bridge Extension ? EB Wetland species
KS 57-31 K-91-25-01 Geary County-Topeka Shiner 2004 WC Topeka Shiner
KS SI deer
KS Clearfork Creek and County Road Clear Fork Road - Topeka Shiner 2006 WC Topeka Shinner

Website Listings (1)

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Kansas Deer Warning Signs

Crossings Listings (4)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
I-440 culverts   I-440 Northbelt Freeway, Rixey Bayou, Little Rock - AR   Culvert   2003
Orange County 241 Hicks Canyon   Orange County 241 - CA   Underpass   1997
US 67 Re-route for buttflies, turtles, frog   US 67 Jacksonville re-alignment Beardstown - IL   Other   2002
Jordanelle Deer Crosswalks   SR 248 & SR 40 SE Salt Lake City - UT   Crosswalk   1994