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Literature Listings (10)

Author, Year   Full Reference
River and Stream Continuity Steering Committee - Massachusetts, 2003   Massachusetts River and Stream Continuity Steering Committee. 2003. River and Stream Crossing Standards: Technical Guidelines.
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University of Massachusetts Papers on How to Mitigate Transportation Effects on Wildlife
University of Massachusetts Conservation and Prioritization System
Article Massachusetts Turtle Migration Study Requests Input 2006
MA Route 2 Walden Pond Concord Overpass Study 06
MA Walden Pond Passage Feasibility Study

Crossings Listings (32)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
US 93 small culverts   US 93 Wickieup - AZ   Culvert   1997
Sandario Road Culvert Saguaro NP   Pima Co. Sandario Road - AZ   Culvert   2004
SH 68 Bighorn underpasses   SH 68 Kingman - AZ   Underpass   2002
US 93 culverts   US 93 South of Kingman - AZ   Culvert   1997
SR 93 Kingman Bridge underpass   SR 93 Kingman - AZ   Underpass   1999
US 93 underpasses   US 93 South of Kingman - AZ   Underpass   2001
Pima Co. Pygmy Owl Crossing   Pima Co. Road - AZ   Bird Crossing   2003
SR 56 Del Mar Fencing   SR 56 Del Mar - CA   Fencing   2004
SR 52 Merrimar Marine Corps Bridge   SR 52 Del Mar - CA   Bridge   199?
SR 52 Merrimar Marine Corps Bridge   SR 52 Del Mar - CA   Bridge   199?
Shasta County Median barrier gaps   I-5 Shasta Co., Siskiyou Co. - CA   Median Barrier Gap   2004
US 395 Mammoth Lakes Deer Bench   US-395 Mammoth Lakes - CA   Bench   ?
Hwy 85 Sedalia Small mammal crossing   Hwy 85 Sedalia - CO   Culvert   2004
US 160 Durango underpass   US 160 Durango/Mancos - CO   Underpass   1973
Small mammal shelves   Carron Meany- Preble's jumping mice - CO   Shelf   2006
Madison County CR 150 bridges   CR 150 Madison County - FL   Extended Bridge   1999
Highway 84 message boards   I-84 Sublett to Utah border - ID   Signage   ?
Hwy 75 & Rte 20 Ketchum   Hwy 75 Wood River valley near Sun Valley - ID   Signage   ?
US 69 Marias de Cygnes bridge   US 69 Kansas City/Fort Scott - KS   Bridge   20??
Boonsboro Box Turtle Fencing   Boonsboro, South Mountain Recreation Area - MD   Fencing   2004
US 131 Bridge   Highway 131 Muskego River N Grand Rapids - MI   Bridge   19??
I-475 culvert   I-475 (unknown, NCHRP Synthesis 305) - MI   Culvert  
Hwy 90 Bozeman Pass Fencing   I-90 Bozeman - MT   Fencing   2006
Railway fencing to underpasses   BN & SF railways Manzano and Carrinos - NM   Fencing   2006
I-35 Laredo Ocelot Crossing   I-35 Laredo Manadas Creek - TX   Culvert   2001
Loop Road 335 Amarillo culverts   Loop Road 335 Amarillo - TX   Culvert   1997
Roberts Parkway culvert   Roberts Parkway Fairfax Co. - VA   Culvert   1998
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR Rte 168 bridge   Rte 168 Chesapeake - VA   Bridge   2000
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR bridge   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Extended Bridge   2004
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR culvert   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Culvert   2004
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR benches   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Bench   2004
Corridor H bridges   Corridor H Elkins to Inkerman - WV   Bridge   2004