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Ludwig, J. and T. Bremicker. , 1983   Ludwig, J. and T. Bremicker. 1983. Evaluation of 2.4-Meter Fences and One-Way Gates for Reducing Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Minnesota. Pages 19-22 in the Transportation Research Record 913, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C.
Hammond, C. and M.G. Wade., 2004   Hammond, C. and M.G. Wade. 2004. Deer Avoidance: The assessment of real world enhanced deer signage in a virtual environment. Minnesota Department of Transportation. St.Paul, MN.
Nielsen, C.K., R.G. Anderson, and M.D. Grund, 2003   Nielsen, C.K., R.G. Anderson, and M.D. Grund. 2003. Landscape influences on deer-vehicle accident areas in an urban environment. Journal of Wildlife Management 67: 46-51

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