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Author, Year   Full Reference
Montana Department of Transportation and Headwaters Policy/Planning Paartnership, LLP, 2008   Growing Neighborhoods in Growing Corridors: land use planning for highways noise.Montana Department of Transportation.Report No - FHWA/MT-08-002/8117-36
Gara B.W and R. B. Harris, 1988   Gara B.W and R. B. Harris. 1988. Age and condition of deer killed by predators and automobiles. JOurnal of wildlife management. 52(2):316 - 320

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Article Roadkill

Crossings Listings (22)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
I-440 culverts   I-440 Northbelt Freeway, Rixey Bayou, Little Rock - AR   Culvert   2003
US 395 Mono Lake underpass   US-395 Mono Lake - CA   Underpass   199?
US 395 Mammoth Lakes Deer Bench   US-395 Mammoth Lakes - CA   Bench   ?
Hwy 101 Redwood NP motorist warning system   Rte 101 milepost 115 - CA   Signage, Warning Systems   20??
Pronghorn 4-strand Fence Gaps   Hwy 395 Lassen County - CA   Fence Gap  
US 550 Chaffee Creek Bridge   US 550 Montrose - CO   Bridge   1980s
Key Deer motorist warning signs   US-1 Big Pine Key - FL   Signage   2000
Motorist warning signs   Taylor County - FL   Signage   2000
US 89 roadside clearing   US 89 Montpelier to Geneva - ID   Clearing   2004
US 89 wet culvert   US 89 Montpelier to Geneva - ID   Pipe   2004
Mule Deer Flashing Lights   Hwy 30 Soda Springs to Montpelier - ID   Signage   ?
Boonsboro Box Turtle Fencing   Boonsboro, South Mountain Recreation Area - MD   Fencing   2004
Mountain Goat bridge   US 2 Glacier National Park - MT   Bridge   1980
Yellowstone NP Motorist warning signs   Hwy 191 North of West Yellowstone - MT   Signage   2005
Motorist warning signs-Pelicans   Queen Isabella Causway - TX   Signage   1996
Monticello underpasses   US 191 Monticello Devil's Canyon - UT   Underpass   2005
Bottom Nature Park Snake culvert   VA DOT wetland mitigation site Newport News - VA   Culvert   2002
Milton Route 2 Frog Fencing   US Rte 2 Milton - VT   Fencing   2003
Motorist-elk GPS collar & warning signs   SR 101 Sequim - WA   Signage   199?
Flashing deer signs   SR 97, SR 153 - WA   Signage  
Pronghorn fence adjustments   statewide - WY   Fencing  
Two Jack Canal Bridge - Banff NP   Trans Canada Higiway - AB   Bridge   1998