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Literature Listings (9)

Author, Year   Full Reference
Kindall, Jason, 2004   Kindall, J. 2004. Spatial Ecology of Black Bears Prior to Construction of a Four-Lane Highway in Eastern North Carolina. Master's Thesis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. USA
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Crossings Listings (51)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
US 93 box culverts   US 93 Wickieup - AZ   Box Culvert   1997
Tohono O'Odham Tortoise Fencing   Rte 86 Kit Peak to Sells - AZ   Fencing   2000
Lake Havasu City Fencing   SR 95 Lake Havasu City - AZ   Fencing   2004
Highway 85 Tortoise Crossings   SR 85 Buckeye - AZ   Fencing   2006
Toad fencing SR 76 San Diego   SR 76 San Diego - CA   Fencing   2005
SR 56 Del Mar Fencing   SR 56 Del Mar - CA   Fencing   2004
Sierra County 395 Bridge #18   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
Lassen 395 Bridge #72   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
Lassen 395 Bridge #75   Lassen 395-Hallelujah Junction - CA   Bridge   1976
Desert Tortoise Fencing   SR-58 San Bernardino Co. Tortoise underpasses - CA   Fencing   1991
Weed Gap Median Barrier Project   I-5 MP 20-22 - CA   Fencing   2002
Sonora 108 Fencing and Escape Ramps   SR-108 East of Sonora - CA   Fencing, Ramp   2003
Siskiyou County Fencing and Underpass I-5   I-5 South of Yreka - CA   Fencing, Underpass   2005
I-15 Wildlife benches Escondido   I-15 Escondido - CA   Bench   2005
US 395 Mammoth Lakes Deer Bench   US-395 Mammoth Lakes - CA   Bench   ?
Pronghorn 4-strand Fence Gaps   Hwy 395 Lassen County - CA   Fence Gap  
I-70 Dowd Junction underpass   I-70 near west Vail - CO   Underpass   1970
Hwy 85 Elk underpass   Hwy 85 Sedalia - CO   Underpass   2004
US 160 Durango underpass   US 160 Durango/Mancos - CO   Underpass   1973
I-4 Concrete Culverts   I-4 Orlando - FL   Culvert   2005
I-84 Deer Fences   I-84 Snowville UT to Sublett ID - ID   Fencing   1969
Boonsboro Box Turtle Fencing   Boonsboro, South Mountain Recreation Area - MD   Fencing   2004
M6 culvert   M6 unknown (NCHRP Synthesis 305) - MI   Culvert  
I-475 culvert   I-475 (unknown, NCHRP Synthesis 305) - MI   Culvert  
Trunk Highway 53 Johnson Crk passage   TH 53 St. Louis Johnson Creek South - MN   Bridge   2006
Trunk Highway 74 passages   TH 74 White water River, Winona County - MN   Bridge   2006
Stony Creek TH 1 crossing   TH 1- Lake County - MN   Bridge   2000
Trunk Highway 1 Kawishiwi River benches   TH1 Kawishiwi River, Superior NF - MN   Bridge   2006
Hwy 93 South One Horse Creek   Hwy 93 South Stevensville to Florence - MT   Culvert   2005
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 175+00 - MT   Culvert   2006
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 112+23 - MT   Culvert   2006
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 123+33 - MT   Culvert   2006
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 132+00 - MT   Culvert   2006
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 188+06 - MT   Culvert   2006
Hwy 93 Bass Creek Hill   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence - MT   Bridge   2005
Hwy 93 South Bridges Lolo to Hamilton   Hwy 93 South Stevensville to Florence 181+34 - MT   Bridge   2005
Snowslide Bridge   US 2 Glacier National Park - MT   Bridge   1980
Highway 93 South   Hwy 93 Stevensville to Florence 252+47 - MT   Culvert   2006
Hwy 90 Bozeman Pass Fencing   I-90 Bozeman - MT   Fencing   2006
Railway fencing to underpasses   BN & SF railways Manzano and Carrinos - NM   Fencing   2006
Sun River Eastern Oregon Toad Fencing   Bend - OR   Fencing  
SH 21 Houston Toad Crossings   SH 21 Austin - TX   Culvert   1991
Jordanelle Deer Crosswalks   SR 248 & SR 40 SE Salt Lake City - UT   Crosswalk   1994
Fairfax Co. Parkway culvert   Fairfax Co. Parkway Springfield - VA   Culvert   1996
Roberts Parkway culvert   Roberts Parkway Fairfax Co. - VA   Culvert   1998
Grt Dismal Swamp NWR benches   Rte 17 Chesapeake GDS NWR - VA   Bench   2004
Milton Route 2 Frog Fencing   US Rte 2 Milton - VT   Fencing   2003
I-90 Elk Fencing   I-90 Elk Plain - WA   Fencing   198?
Laramie Toad Crossing   Harrison Lane in Laramie - WY   Pipe   1996
I-80 escape ramps   I-80 W of Laramie - WY   Ramp  
Pronghorn fence adjustments   statewide - WY   Fencing