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Barnum, S., K. Rinehart, and M. Elbroch, 2007   Barnum, S., K. Rinehart, and M. Elbroch. 2007. Habitat, highway features, and animal-vehicle collision locations as indicators of wildlife crossing hotspots. In 2007 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation Proceedings. Editors: C.L Irwin, P. Garrett, and K. P. McDermott. Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A. In press

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Article New Funding Needed to Protect Fish and Wildlife Along New Hampshire Roads
New Hampshire Bears & Wildlife & Roadkill

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Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Hwy 75 bridge extension Greenhorn Gulch   Hwy 75 near Hailey, E fork Wood River - ID   Extended Bridge   2005