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Author, Year   Full Reference
Iverson A.L. and L.R. Iverson., 1999   Iverson A.L. and L.R. Iverson. 1999. Spatial and Temporal Trends of Deer Harvest and Deer-Vehicle Accidents in Ohio. The Ohio Journal of Science. 99(4): 84-94.

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Ohio Article Deer Vehicle Collisions Peak Time is Fall

Crossings Listings (3)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Tohono O'Odham Tortoise Fencing   Rte 86 Kit Peak to Sells - AZ   Fencing   2000
Trunk Highway 53 Johnson Crk passage   TH 53 St. Louis Johnson Creek South - MN   Bridge   2006
Trunk Highway 53 Fish passage   TH 53 St. Louis Johnson Creek North - MN   Bridge   2006