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Literature Listings (5)

Author, Year   Full Reference
McIninch, S. P., G. C. Garman, 2004   McIninch, S. P., G. C. Garman. 2004. Strategies for Impediment Rehabilitation to Create Fish Passage Opportunities in the Rappahannock River Basin. A contract report to the Virginia Transportation Research Council, VTRC 04-CR2. Virginia Commonwealth University.
Cottrell, B.H., 2003   Cottrell, B.H. 2003. Evaluation of deer warning reflectors in Virginia. Virginia Transportation Research Council Technical Assistance Report, VTRC 03-TAR6. Charlottesville, Virginia.
Donaldson, B, 2005   Donaldson, B. Use of highway underpasses by large mammals and other wildlife in Virginia and factors influencing their effectiveness. In Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, edited by C. Leroy Irwin, Paul Garrett, and K.P. McDermott. Raleigh, NC: Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University, 2006.
Donaldson, B. and N. Lafon,   Donaldson, B. and N. Lafon. 2008. Testing an Integrated PDA-GPS System to Collect Standardized Animal Carcass Removal Data. Virginia Transportation Research Council.
Williams, A F. and J.K. Wells, 2005   Williams A. F. and J.K. Wells. 2005.Characteristics of vehicle-animal crashes in which vehicle occupants are killed. Traffic Injury Prevention 6:56-59.

Website Listings (5)

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Virginia Transportation Research Council
Virgina TRC Critter Cam of Pictures of Wildlife Using Passages
Virginia Fish Passage Report 2004
Hatteras Island Bonner Bridge Replacement
Article Editorial on Importance of Bridges for Wildlife

Crossings Listings (12)

Project Name   Location   Type   Date
Avre Valley Abandoned Rail Line   Rte 10 North of Tucson - AZ   Culvert   2006
Lake Havasu City Fencing   SR 95 Lake Havasu City - AZ   Fencing   2004
Cleveland NF Toad Crossings   Cleveland NF Pine Valley - CA   Culvert   2003
I-70 Dowd Junction underpass   I-70 near west Vail - CO   Underpass   1970
I-70 Vail Pass underpasses   I-70 Vail Pass - CO   Underpass   1978
Lava Hot Springs/Soda Springs underpasses   Hwy 30 Lava Hot Springs to Soda Springs - ID   Underpass   1979
US 89 roadside clearing   US 89 Montpelier to Geneva - ID   Clearing   2004
US 89 wet culvert   US 89 Montpelier to Geneva - ID   Pipe   2004
Highway 84 message boards   I-84 Sublett to Utah border - ID   Signage   ?
Hwy 75 & Rte 20 Ketchum   Hwy 75 Wood River valley near Sun Valley - ID   Signage   ?
Hwy 83 Valentine Turtle passages   Hwy 83 Valentine NWR - NE   Culvert   2002
Bottom Nature Park Snake culvert   VA DOT wetland mitigation site Newport News - VA   Culvert   2002